Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, December 31st

yup, i am stating the obvious. today is the last day of 2011.
ppl are flooding FB with their goodbyes to 2011 and hello to 2012 already.
and it is almost like i am obliged to blog today. lol.

how was 2011 for me?!
hmm....2011 has been kind to me actually.
it has been a better year than the previous one for me.
my internship went well; nthg major good happened but nthg major bad happened as well.
i had what i hoped for in the early 2011; make new friends.
and i have found myself back again! <--- this means a lot to me.
i make a commitment to volunteer work and seriously, there is still a lot to learn for it.
overall, 2011 was a stable, nthg too bad, nthg too good, carefree year. =)
and i am happy with that. =)
i am sure i have hurt certain people along the way, i may be aware of it and i may not.
but either way, i am sorry *bows* for the fact that i made u felt bad, i am sorry.
i am not sure if i have made anyone more joyful along the way though..i have very little confidence in this
but hey, if u know me, and now that i can properly admit that i am me again (meaning, no stupid act, no weird attitude and funny ideas),
i can tell u that i am naturally quite honest (in a way, it means i am straightforward) but at the same time, i hate it when i made someone feels bad.
but i can't avoid hurting people since i am so straightforward (cause it means sometimes i don't give a damn what u are feeling, i will shoot u if all my logical analysis in the brain show that something is wrong with u).
of course, i am not always right! so yeah, feel free to bust my bubbles..
hurts my ego but i don't want to be a fool. *grins*
what i am trying to say is, i hardly wear a mask so yes, u know me as me. not Zwei 1 or Zwei 2.
so, like me, good; dislike me, then too bad..maybe better luck next lifetime? *winks*
i am grateful to those who have been kind to me, so understanding and forgiving to me this year.
i am so grateful to those who can stand up to my cynical and sarcastic words as well! HAHA!!
thank you so much.. =)

while 2011 has been a good year,
2012 will be an awesome one!!
i'll be having my graduation!
2012 is (might be) my last year of studying!!
no, it's not like i am looking forward to working life.
it's just, the fact that i am finishing my higher education life is already a major thing!
it means a new arc of my life will begin no matter what and no matter how.
and then, if i am still blessed by September 2012, i am going to JAPAN!
so freaking awesome~~~~ B)
yes! 2012 will pass by just as fast as 2011 did!
i will be busy, packed and stressed up by studies, money, and my FUTURE plans.
well, i am starting 2012 with a stressed up case; final exams. LOL.
weeeeee~~~` it will be a memorable year with all the ups and downs.

so to all the ones that i love and care..
i hope for the best for you all, not just in 2011 and 2012, but for every coming year!
i hope i can be there when u are facing your darkest moments
and i hope to be there when u are having the best moments in your life too!

thank you 2011~
and thank God for all the blessings You gave me.. i am forever grateful.
bye bye 2011 *waves frantically* teeheeeeeee.....

Monday, December 26, 2011

after christmas

so how was your christmas? =)
actually, i don't celebrate christmas.
i am not a christian or anyone close to christian too.
the closest fact i am to christmas is that i have a number of christian friends..
but when u are living in Malaysia, it is hard to not want to join in the fun.
i mean, shopping centers in KL put in so much effort in the christmas decoration and playing christmas songs again and again.
i didn't do much for this christmas..
but parents had a small gathering in our home and we had dinner with family friends.
in the end, christmas was, for me, a chance to meet up with my friends.
u know, like reunion and stuffs like that.
so no, christmas was nthg too special for me.
in fact, CNY mood is stronger!
this time around, CNY is just a month away as i typed this post!
and that is very, very soon.
but then again, CNY will be another of my

so....the realization that comes after christmas is.....
the year is coming to an end.
and then random mumbles will come to my brain..
"what????! end of year? so.....what have i done this year? *dahi berkerut*"
"2012?? oh no...FYP is coming!!! be prepared!"
"i can't believe one year passed just like that....*snaps finger*"
"seriously...what have i the cycle repeats."
and the mumbles go on and on..
but i can say that i have made new friends this year and this was what i wanted when i stepped into year 2011.
so yeah, mission accomplished!
of course, pls don't ask me if those friends are made to stay or only for the time being..
i won't know..
only time will reveal the truth.

anyway, new year is coming.
i don't think i am feeling anything..
what i feel is.......
"yerrr.....still got one more bloody project and bloody mengada assignment..and bloody boring report."
"at least no more tests. yay!"
"oh much to study for finals...*gloomy*"
and the numerous mixed feelings list goes on and on......never ending.

but for the ones i care and love...
hope u ppl will enjoy the remaining of year 2011 and i hope the best for u for the coming 2012. *smiles*
(i shall wish again when it is really new year. =D)
many blessings...


Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

this is a bit late as i was busy with test preparation and *ahem* manga *cough* addiction *cough*.
thank you little moth for staying so still for me to take pictures. =)

the last image is a little over-exposed. bubu...
and some required better focus skill. bubu...
and because it is a moth, that's why it was so still..
butterflies would have flew away.
nevertheless, being able to capture flappy things is a moment ought to be happy about. =)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

i once stumbled upon a tumblr-blog that is full with thank you notes.
the blog had nthg but thank you notes from the writer almost every single day.
he/she would thank for various things, very random and small stuffs.
i really like it.
i would automatically smile when i read through.
too bad i couldn't remember what was the title again and i lost the bookmark record last time..
but then, i figure that being thankful about at least one thing is good for my heart and soul.
i will not able to write a thank you note everyday but let's start the chain. =)

Thank You Mum for sending my watch to the shop for repair although i never asked u to.
u probably already know i will not be able to send it even though i am back for the weekend.
thanks to u, i have my watch ticking again.

Thank You Dad for getting me a seriously expensive sweater. lol.
all the way from new zealand!
i really do like it and i will never need another sweater for a long, long time.

Friday, December 9, 2011


so i had a "date" with my dear friend, kahyee aka +2 (lol)
we went daorae and then jusco.
i was looking for a parking at the first floor and when i saw an empty one,
guess what, two pretty girls were standing inside with their mum (i think) standing opposite them.
this means, they BOOKED the parking space for someone.
i was like what the h..........sweat face.
then God blessed me as i made a turn and there...a parking waiting for me obediently.
then the booked parking space was filled by the majestic car.
(haha....apa majestic. Honda Insight only.)
and when i got down, the young man got down from his car too.
funny (and quite adorable) thing is, he checked his car and gave a YES + big grin.
given that situation, i can only say he was HAPPY cause his REVERSE PARKING was a success.
what a kid!!!
but apparently, his car was not "in" enough so he reversed a bit more.
i don't know.
i just find it funny and that happy face was so adorable.
then we saw a P sticker on the car....awwwwww....what a kid!! xD
plus he had ppl booking a space for him!(i would do the same for my dad or friends actually.hehe.)
sorry kiddo..i had to laugh at your face today cause i was once like u and well, your grin was too genuine.LOL

Thursday, December 8, 2011


there are times where my dad will get annoyed with my mum being too nice to our relatives.
not because dad is is because dad loves mum too much.
and when she is not getting the appreciation that she deserves.
as the daughter, of course, i am annoyed too.
but mum is only trying to teach us something about being in a family.
in a family, being nice does not need something in return..
and no matter how screwed up one is, family will help in any way possible and then smack them awake from their screwed up life.
there are times where it does seem my mum is being the foolish one.
having to cater all the requests and stuffs..
but one thing my mum earned from this is she is in everyone's heart.
that no matter what happens, they remember her..
and to mum, that is enough.
many times, my parents argued because of my relatives' issues and honestly, i hated that they were the reasons to their argument for i do not think it is worthy at all.
but even so, i have to agree with mum..
BUT i still hope she gets what she deserves.
i hope these ppl will remember that my mum has the choice of just walking away from u all but she didn't.
she stuck with u all instead, despite the erratic behaviours of each of u.
and i forgive my dad, he is only protecting mum.

so, being a fool because u truly care is ain't that bad.
but on the bad side, u could get hurt.
i can only believe that sincerity will break the ice and that despite feeling like a fool and hurt, i will touch their heart one day.
i know i am more conscious with my self-protection now..
i think i am just getting a bit more scared about getting hurt.
it became an auto self-defense mechanism now in order to keep my brain sane and cause less pain to the heart.
what a sad case..
but then..i can't help but really come to care for a number of ppl.
and so, after writing this, i guess it is okay to be a fool.
i know i am happy being one and will regret if i am not one.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

so i stop forcing myself to forget. because i don't think i will ever know how to do so. in the end, i just gotta leave it to the time and the brain itself to just stop thinking when the time comes. i will just let the flow of thoughts to come and stop it when it gets too much. and i will keep doing so until the time comes where i have enough of other thoughts to overflow u. i do think i am a pretty sad case and quite useless too.. seeing that i am unable to control and rationalize myself out of this loop. but u left so much for me to filter through.. sigh. seriously, sleep is the best thing ever because i stop thinking about everything and i am able to live in my own perfect world for a bit. sleep is the best. i think i should learn from Keima-kun (from The World God Only Knows) and start looking at 2D guys only. ditch 3D guys. hahahaha! so many pretty 2D guys to feast my eyes at! *major despair* oh well..

on the slightly more serious note..
it seems like we are really drifting apart now.
it's probably for the better.
but this does not mean it is not sad.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

so i had a short session of kayak today.
super random but it was for some experiment purpose.
and we saw a rainbow.


Monday, December 5, 2011

i know i am being ridiculously blur when..
i pay the person who actually, owes me money instead.
i told myself to boil water for the next day which is a routine but i forgot because i was just sitting around..
i bumped myself into various places.
and again, i bumped myself in other places.
i thought i've set the alarm for 7.30am and 8am, only to realize that i never set for 8am when i woke up at 8.15am.

and....i have a bad headache.sigh.


i had a busy weekend!
went to KL for a not successful shopping.
it is really miserable when i tried so many shoes and yet none is right.
but that is the thing with shopping..
there is a right timing and also a little to do with luck.
anyway, not many discounts now..the christmas sale has not begun.
so.....pretty stuffs found but they came with a pretty price too. lol.

besides shopping, snacks is another KL thing.
a new japanese mochi stall is open in The Gardens and mum bought a box for us. =)

they are not cheap but i think they are more worth it, comparing to macarons.
after mochi, we tried the cream puffs =)

mum liked it!
well, cream puffs have always been a thing my mum likes.
and it is not easy to find a nice cream puff.
so this was pretty satisfying. hehe..
i also had Manhattan Fish Market for the first time.
sadly, never had the chance before
i like their rice! =D aroma betul~~~

leaving KL aside, i had a test on the floor for the first time last thursday night.
management problem..
they forgot to prepare the hall for a test.
so the arrangement was more like for a talk.
since there was no time to arrange tables, they arranged the chairs..
and we were at first sitting on the got uncomfortable for many
so almost everyone sat on the floor with the chair as the wasn't a helpful "table" at all.
so, messy test session..and that brings to open discussions everywhere!
the GA couldn't facilitate us that well..
ppl leaving their answers open to check with their friends..
whispering question numbers to check answers...
of course, i did the same!! teeheeeeee....
and i also curi took a few pics (many ppl did)

as u can see...ppl were turning around checking answers...whisper whisper whisper....
test konon.
well...a fun test. =D

as for today, we just celebrated fei zhai's birthday!
(okay, clarification, he is ming hui but i like calling him fei's already a habit. =D)
well, we gave him a set of fish tank and stuffs to let him kick start his little fish aquarium in his hostel room.
and we also bought him two gold fishes to begin with. =)
i am sure he is very happy.

(bullying scene in the lab.laugh out loud.nthg better to do...)
Happy Belated Birthday, fei zhai =)

ooooo....this is becoming a long post!
let me end with a in-the-fitting-room-vain-pic.

(i like this lor.....why are u so darn pricey?? grrr....)

nightz! =)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

once upon a december

many are posting welcome status in facebook for december.
it is after all the last month of 2011.
to me, this is crazy.
i don't feel like 2011 was a year.
it was more like a month or two.

since it is december, i thought of this song.

    Once Upon A December - Anastasia

so...hullo december.
less than a month to Christmas.
less than 2 months to Chinese New Year.
yeah, we can start singing CNY songs.haha.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lack of love.

should be more specific.
lack of the love i want.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

so after reading many reviews about Kindle Touch, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire..
i ended up closing the whole browser.
and decided to stick to my iPod Touch for now.
talk about temporary excitement.
but e-reader, i will get u one day.
because i don't foresee myself giving up on the reading hobby.
instead, i will place more time in it.
gotta love the fact that i am improving my vocab!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

kindle dindle windle

it's (almost) official!
i want a Kindle Touch.
RM500 to read ebooks (*ahem* free).
seriously, books, u are just too expensive.
trust me, i really like a shelf full of books...but u are just too pricey.
and some of u are not using recycled papers.hmph.

as for a tablet, if anyone is interested,
Kindle Fire is pretty good choice.
though the screen is smaller, but the price is half of iPad 2.
Kindle Fire is selling for RM899.
why not Samsung tablet??
duh. Samsung is all pretty commercials and fancy intro video.
Samsung Galaxy S2 is not on par with HTC Desire HD; performance wise.
i repeat, not on par at all.
just because it is thinner and has a big screen too, it doesn't make it better.
sorry to Samsung fans. it's nthg personal. just honest opinions from my hands on experience.

Friday, November 18, 2011

semester is seriously passing by really fast..too fast!
i can't keep up with it!
i don't quite get on why i feel that this semester is passing this fast.
i have projects to complete and a few more Test 1 to strike.
but seriously, i can really sleep these days.
i think the main conflict in me during academic weeks is, Sleep vs Studies.
sleep is my nature!
i can't defy my nature. B)
okay, this is just a normal rant from a student about their peaceful student's life.

so i have finally complete watching Hanasaku Iroha last night.

the first anime series that i wanna complete when i got the little guilty-less free time..heh.
i still have many to complete.
repeat, it is many to complete..not many to begin.
meaning, i left many series halfway done though i have the complete episodes.
it is a nice slice-of-life anime series.
funny enough to make u laugh out loud a bit, and touching enough to make u shed a few tears.
and definitely heart warming enough with the friendship, family bonds, and young romance. :)

before i obediently lift my butt to go for my class,
here's a quote to share.

because now i know,
when i decided to love, i will give it all.
but this is probably back then.
will i do the same again?
hard to say.i have fear in me now.
fear of knowing that sometimes, no matter what u do, things will still fail.
and i will still get hurt.
so u, yes u, better know that the fact i got better now is thanks to my parents and my friends and myself.
i will cast away the fear u placed in me.
u believed i will stand strong, so stand strong, i will be.
i don't hate fact, i miss u.
but then, the things i miss about u are probably just the memories and the bond we shared 2 years ago.
and actually, love cannot be measured so there is no more or less.
but i know, mine was sincere and true.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

and here is my attempt to goldfish move! fiasco indeed.

p/s: will need to tweek it a bit on the arms position. :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

when u are in a fiasco, do the goldfish move!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

so parents went to jusco today to do some shopping.
mum asked whether i wanna follow and i decided to stay at home instead.
she asked me what i want and i said milo.
and when they got home,
i saw two boxes of snacks in the basket that i will bring to uni tmr.
simple act of love.
thanks mum.
thanks dad.

and itunes shuffled to this song yesterday.
an indonesia song.
and this lady has a great vocal.

agnes monica - matahariku


implemented the share buttons for Blogger
and personally added the FB "like" button for my blog posts.
teeheeeeeeeee... :D
i just realized that my header was the wrong banner.
i must have mixed up my personal blog banner with my card blog one.
i had so much fun doing the little tweeks around my blog.
done easily with the tutorial from Google.
yeah, Google is the answer to the answers!

i have widen the body of my blog so that i can put big BIG pictures.
me like to see BIG pictures.
and centralized my banner since my blog is wider now.
tweeks done enough for now!

just a kiss

Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life..

Friday, November 11, 2011


so ppl are raving around about this date today in FB (since last night, actually).
saying it is a lucky date, lucky day, good for marriage, birth, a good date to start something special a.k.a confession or start of a new relationship...etc...
to me, it is just another usual day.
not that i am saying all these special blablabla are worthless..
it's just me who has nthg to make it memorable or special.
too bad for me eh?
but to those who picked this date and made all the arrangements to make this date a special one, congrats :)
do remember, it is not the date that is special.
it is the effort u put to make this date a special one that is worth remembering.

was listening to this song when i was otw back to ipoh in the train.

    only hope by mandy moore

we used to love this movie so, so much.
we were saying how romantic it was, how heart warming it was..and this song was so nice.
it is still a nice movie to me.
there is just something about it that makes it different from other romantic movies.
maybe because in this movie, it showed how landon changed?
it gives the hope that ppl do change to be better?
even though it may not be long lasting, those miraculous moments do happen in our life.

so have faith.
because in the end, everything will fall in the right place.
and everything will be alright.
after all, i as a human won't take anything else but alright as the ending.

p/s: changed the layout and theme of my blogs again.
i kept everything white this time.
clean and neat.
so now, my photos/pictures are the focus. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i've been unable to focus recently.
i am beginning to think that it is because i am thinking about too many things at once.
(and worrying)
so i am messed up..
not in peace.
in the end, more mistakes were made.
so, i should ditch the stuffs..
settle down.
and then start again.

buzz away.

Friday, November 4, 2011


mid sem break starts after 12pm tomorrow!
honestly, i can't believe it at all.
it's week 6 and week 7 is next..
seriously, time is like....flying like a F1 car!
i can't catch up with time.urgh.
did a few well...stupid mistakes in studies and all this rush..
i don't know..i feel dreamy now. =.=
i am craving for the bed for days...and i just wanna empty my brain and sleeeeeeeeeep.
and sleep and sleep and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
mid sem break will not be that free.
what with projects haunting us..
so, i am heading down to KL to visit the National Library for the first time!
honestly, i should be excited because there will be books!!!
and after that, hopefully, a Nando's meal and some shopping? teeheeeee.
i have tests coming right after the one week break.pretty scared, no, very scared actually.

anyway, back to some shopping mood!
i am in need to own a maxi dress. (in need is
saw a few pretty ones in Pinterest.

floral prints maxi.must have.

i love this blue maxi a lot!

i hope i can find one to love and to wear.

other than studies and stuffs,
guess what?
Air Asia had a promotion for flights to Tokyo/Osaka and i decided to jump in the wagon!
so yes! i am flying to Osaka September next year (providing everything goes well and i am continually blessed) !
yes, i am a blessed idiot to actually have a chance to go there next year!
i am an almost otaku. i can't deny that already since i have been watching for anime for years.
i will get to see the magnificent temples over there and to finally witness the culture!
i was totally excited but i will have a lot of saving to do and hoping to earn some money too.
but before that.....let's dream a bit. 

so yeah, save money!!!!
and mochi! 
i can't wait to eat mochi, real mochi!!
laugh out loud.

hah.......tired brain.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

blogging failure

i have been hoping to blog within these days...
but every time i open up a new blank post,
i would be caught in other stuffs....
too many stuffs these days.
but i will blog.!
cause one of my wishes was granted last week.
so yeah, maybe i will come back and blog about it,
after my sleep.

Monday, October 24, 2011

cause sometimes, i just want to smile like an idiot.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

because in life, arguments are unavoidable..
because truth is usually harsh and cruel..
because reality is sometimes the worst of all..
and then u feel like u have been thrown to the bottom of the world,
dark, lost, and u feel worthless.

but it's okay..that is life.
no pain, no gain.
no cry, no smile.
so when the worst comes, grab something for a support and face it.
for it will pass like every other pains that have faded into your memories..
i gotta remember, things will pass and all those high-tensions and heart-clenching moments will go..
and then, things will be back to its own pace again.
so, when in the worst times, endure and be strong.

putting aside the philosophy talk,
i am recently listening to (don't know repeat how many times already ah...) a new song by Supercell.
the song is entitled "My Dearest".
it is the opening for the new anime Guilty Crown.
the girl who sang this is a new singer and she is only 15.
the full version is not out yet..i have to be ultra-patient and wait until 23 Nov for it. *sobs*
but the thing that caught my heart for this song is actually the lyrics.
so i will post the video of the opening and the translations here.

so everything that makes me whole
i'll give that to you now
i'm yours...
say, there's a lot of happiness in this world, isn't there?
someday, if we're together
even if someone calls you a liar
and tries to hurt you with cruel words
even if the world does not try to believe in you
and places a crown of thorns upon your head
i can take your side, and yours alone
i know your pain and loneliness
so everything that makes me whole
i'll give that to you now

to me, the song is romantic in its own way.
i like the message in it and while i don't really have anyone to dedicate this to..
so i dedicate this to the ones who need the support.
to have one who will stand by u through all..
and to be the one who is willing to stand with one through all..
i did that and no regrets.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i dedicate this to anna lau

red cardigan~~ :P

the first Coach bag that i actually think it is nice leh... :D

plaid pattern!! teeheeeeeeeee...... :D

pinkish fetish.... ^^

how can we not love her style.

and lalala....cardigan! bluek.

thanks for the hang out today darl.
hugs! always nice to spend time with u.. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pretty flowy dressy

i came across many lovely dresses/gowns in Pinterest.
wanna post them here! =)

this one is simple and sweet. =) gotta match it with long wavy hair (like the lovely lady) or a nice necklace.

it's the colour!! and that silky material..*drool*

i think this blue will be gorgeous on the fair ones. like, really really gorgeous.

this is more a practical shoulder-off.and pale pink.lovely bride's maid dress.

grey is gorgeous.the ruffles are absolutely drool-able.

lacey white wedding dress.i think this is classy. (way wayyyyyyyyy better than the many *cough* clowny *cough* wedding dresses out there now)

this is just simply beautiful to will be impossible for chinese to wear a black wedding dress/gown but this one is seriously pretty!! 

this......this one is like....absolutely gorgeous!really wanna mark this down and make it my dream wedding dress/gown! (actually, i never really gave a serious thought on wedding dress this is too prettay!) ^^

ending with a dreamy gown. =) this is so Vera Wang. tulle, ruffles, puffy, champagne tone; all princess-like. 

i shall dream of them tonight~~~
so that i can swat away the one i had last night (which was really.....heart wrenching)
happy dress dreaming! =)
the world is funny and sometimes, it is just so small.
the ones that u walked pass today could ended up being your friend years later.
and this kind of random things in life is one of the delightful moments; those that u cannot judge whether they are for good or for worse, but just simply amusing to think about.

so how have i been?
it is already week 4 in uni.
time is like passing really REALLY fast.
and tomorrow, i will be having a test already!
my heart cannot catch up with the time
while my brain, cannot catch up with the lessons.
such are the norms of a student's life eh?

well, strolling away from uni,
i am missing my girl friends already!!
(well, uni life got a bit hectic and i am already looking forward to run away already.) is pretty much...well, being life.
i have loads to catch up, a few matters to think about for my future,
and start being Ms. Questions for my coming baby, final year project.

what else?
hmm....just things that i do not feel like stepping into at the moment.
was looking through an inherited text book and saw a doodling..
a memorable one.
that book is a personal one, no matter what; this much, i have accepted.

hey, to the readers who are probably mostly are my friends,
i am happy now. ^^

Monday, October 17, 2011

i don't feel right with anyone yet.
the time has not come.
because in truth, it's not whether one is the nicest person or worst,
it is about feeling right.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

feeling vain

so i am just like every other girl,
pretty cosmetics are included in the wish list.
i want these two!

am craving for a nice blusher+highlighter+contouring.
and it comes with a brush!
oh, that new lip gloss is really pretty...and quality is freaking nice!
splurge splurge!!
*muka mahu*
but of course...i dare not buy.yet.

i went to the Shiseido counter today to have a look at the new lip gloss.
the promoter was saying that i should take care of my lips while young..
don't simply use any lipstick or lip gloss for it might darken the lips.
then she said my lips still has a nice must take care.
well well, little does she knows, i was wearing this.

yeah! the chubby stick!
bought the nude colour one (the brownish one)
and it gives a nice au naturel colour where it doesn't look like i have something on but my lips are not pale.
i am all about au naturel look~
that's why i buy Korean style of make up.teeheeeeeee~ natural lips is okay but not all the time..sometimes it is just pale..unless i eat something spicy every morning then will be really red.HAHA.
and me who doesn't apply any blush or foundation all the time, i don't want my lips to look pale.
so chubby stick was a good buy!
very fun to colouring my lips.hehe..
okay..enough of vain here..
show u pretty ladies. =D

emma roberts. sweet girl. =)

ellen page. talented lady.

emma watson. i will forever admire her.