Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mou anata kara aisareru koto mo
Hitsuyou to sareru koto mo nai
Soshite watashi wa koushite hitoribocchi de
Ano toki anata wa nante itta no?
Todokanai kotoba wa chuu wo mau
Wakatteru no ni kyou mo shite shimau
Kanawanu negaigoto wo

Hanasanaide gyutto
Te wo nigittete
Anata to futari tsudzuku to itte
Tsunaida sono te wa atatakakute

Anata wa itsumo sou yatte watashi wo
Ugorasete saigo ni nakasunda
Dakedo ato ni natte
"Gomen ne tte" iu sono kao
Suki datta

Hanasanaide gyutto
Sou omoi kiri
Anata no ude no naka ni itai
Futari de odeko wo awasenagara
Nemuru no

Aaa nidoto wa aenai tte koto wo shitteta no?

Hanasanaide gyutto
Anata ga suki
Mou ichido datte waratte kurenai no?
Anata no nukumori ga kiechau mae ni

I will no longer be loved
Or needed by you
And I’ll be alone, just like this
What did you say at that time?
Words that can’t reach me dance in the air
I know it, but I did it again today
Making a wish that can never be fulfilled

Don’t let go
Hold my hand tight
Say, "I'll keep going, together with you"
The hand that held mine was warm
And gentle

You always made me angry just like that
And in the end I would cry
But I loved
how your face looked when you said, "I'm sorry"

Don’t let go
Hug me tight, that’s right, with all your heart
I want to be in your arms
With our foreheads leaning against each other
We fall asleep

Did you already know that we’ll never see each other again?

Don’t let go
Hold me tight, I love you
Can’t you smile for me just one more time?
Before your warmth disappears
Hug me tight

Monday, January 23, 2012

away the rabbit hops and here comes the glorious dragon!

today marks the first day of our Chinese lunar calendar and it is the year of Dragon!!
wishing everyone a prosperous year ahead with good health and even more wealth!

TV channels are showing many, many programs and old movies.
and one can see a lot of Dragon infused items all around the places.
honestly, being  Dragon year itself is a big deal already since Dragon is one of the most mythical creation.
as usual, i had reunion dinner with my family and relatives last night (which included some endless drama)
which ended with spectacular fireworks!! <----- thanks to my very generous uncles.

well, i have my wishes for this year. *smirk smirk*
it is after all, going to be one of the most meaningful years in my life.
i don't know whether a lot of ppl care about graduation but i know i do.
it's like putting a HUGE full stop to one part of life and then starting a new chapter of a totally different lifestyle.
frankly speaking, i just want this year to be fun and interesting!
no, it's not that i am bored. i just have that instinct that this year will be even better!
BUT first of all, i hope i get a decent result for my final exams.this is the MAIN thing now!

so, for me, CNY is all about reunion and letting the kids to have some fun.
adults to spend money (in a controlled manner) just to make everyone happy and bahagia~
it is the time where u could make all the noise till the alarms of the neighbours gone off like mad yet they won't blame u!
because it's a symbol of happiness and where there is noise, there are ppl, and there is warmth when many ppl are gathered.
this is the time where u meet ppl whom u hardly meet throughout the year and just chat away!
i think traditions are very important in order to maintain the mood of the CNY.
fireworks are MEANT to be part of the tradition!
so screw the GOVERNMENT for not allowing it because Brunei allows it!!!<----being snobbish.

putting CNY aside, speaking of the law,
SOPA and PIPA are seriously serious topics.
what with Megaupload being shut down and Filesonic restricting their usage for the users,
this definitely affect the sharing world of the internet.
those two are the popular giant sharing sites and with them gone,
i bet ppl are cursing.
Megaupload doesn't affect me since Malaysia has blocked it way earlier (Malaysia so smart hor....)
and i don't use Filesonic often.
but restrictions are proving to make a big impact in many other ways.
SIGH.i am in the mood to protest SOPA.

back to CNY, i am actually really sleepy now cause i woke up at 4.30am for prayer..
i am not used to 2-3hours of sleep nowadays.
i am hoping for more gatherings with friends soon!! =)
i hope my wishes will be granted too this year!!teehee!

(the photos from our fireworks last night. i am posting these everywhere. lol. everybody loves fireworks. hehe!)

Monday, January 16, 2012

a friend once asked me how do i define joy?
i didn't have an answer and still don't.
i could define grateful, faith, happiness, hurt, pain, regret, loved, protected, and the list goes on..
but joy is one that i still don't quite und on what it is.
and i don't know what i don't know about joy.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

i think this semester and maybe for the semesters to come,
i have many reasons to use this word; disgusted.
it's sad to say it is humans who gave me the reasons to feel so.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

akemashite omedetou!

and the above title means Happy New Year! :)
so last night, my parents decided to go Haagen Dazs for a treat in conjunction with New Year.
we had chocolate fondue.

come to think about it,
i used to wish i can have chocolate fondue back then and Haagen Dazs is known for their fondue.
and haha, i got my wish just before the end of year 2011.
so in a way, that is nice right? heeeee~
it wasn't cheap.. it is Haagen Dazs. we all know the price. lol.
but it is nice for once-awhile-pleasures. banana dipped in chocolate is yummy and strawberries with chocolate is totally awesome!
i still prefer New Zealand Natural ice cream.. ><
why am i talking about ice cream?
lol. i am supposed to talk about New Year.

i have no resolutions..
in fact, i don't even make them..
i just don't have the habit?
but i intend to make 2012 a nice year. :)
for some reason, the fact that i am doing final year really sinks in now..it wasn't like this yesterday.
i feel excited and anxious!
i think new years do make an impact on me..in one way or another.
hmmmm....i should study. teeheeee....

hello 2012. *waves*