Wednesday, February 22, 2012

blog abandoned for so long.
i am still a newbie when it comes to time management.
CNY is over two weeks ago and now, the students of UTP are already counting down to the coming midsem break.
and we, as the final year students, are eager to start the countdown to graduation.
i, on the other hand, is only eager to countdown to the end of this semester.
because this is my very LAST packed semester.
next semester which will be my last, will hopefully, be more breathe-able.
everything in life is pretty much going in the circles.
and i still fear the future.
it is that scary.

i don't miss anything (except for Japanese food for now)
and i don't particularly miss anyone.
i feel numb.
all i want to do is get my work done and i need to keep reminding myself that i want to get my work done.
the only way to feel happy now is get the BLOODY WORK DONE.

oh yeah, thank you to the very generous government for generously giving us RM200 vouchers each.
i am spending them rightfully.
thank u so much..
but i don't guarantee that my vote will generously go to u. =)