Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lack of love.

should be more specific.
lack of the love i want.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

so after reading many reviews about Kindle Touch, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire..
i ended up closing the whole browser.
and decided to stick to my iPod Touch for now.
talk about temporary excitement.
but e-reader, i will get u one day.
because i don't foresee myself giving up on the reading hobby.
instead, i will place more time in it.
gotta love the fact that i am improving my vocab!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

kindle dindle windle

it's (almost) official!
i want a Kindle Touch.
RM500 to read ebooks (*ahem* free).
seriously, books, u are just too expensive.
trust me, i really like a shelf full of books...but u are just too pricey.
and some of u are not using recycled papers.hmph.

as for a tablet, if anyone is interested,
Kindle Fire is pretty good choice.
though the screen is smaller, but the price is half of iPad 2.
Kindle Fire is selling for RM899.
why not Samsung tablet??
duh. Samsung is all pretty commercials and fancy intro video.
Samsung Galaxy S2 is not on par with HTC Desire HD; performance wise.
i repeat, not on par at all.
just because it is thinner and has a big screen too, it doesn't make it better.
sorry to Samsung fans. it's nthg personal. just honest opinions from my hands on experience.

Friday, November 18, 2011

semester is seriously passing by really fast..too fast!
i can't keep up with it!
i don't quite get on why i feel that this semester is passing this fast.
i have projects to complete and a few more Test 1 to strike.
but seriously, i can really sleep these days.
i think the main conflict in me during academic weeks is, Sleep vs Studies.
sleep is my nature!
i can't defy my nature. B)
okay, this is just a normal rant from a student about their peaceful student's life.

so i have finally complete watching Hanasaku Iroha last night.

the first anime series that i wanna complete when i got the little guilty-less free time..heh.
i still have many to complete.
repeat, it is many to complete..not many to begin.
meaning, i left many series halfway done though i have the complete episodes.
it is a nice slice-of-life anime series.
funny enough to make u laugh out loud a bit, and touching enough to make u shed a few tears.
and definitely heart warming enough with the friendship, family bonds, and young romance. :)

before i obediently lift my butt to go for my class,
here's a quote to share.

because now i know,
when i decided to love, i will give it all.
but this is probably back then.
will i do the same again?
hard to say.i have fear in me now.
fear of knowing that sometimes, no matter what u do, things will still fail.
and i will still get hurt.
so u, yes u, better know that the fact i got better now is thanks to my parents and my friends and myself.
i will cast away the fear u placed in me.
u believed i will stand strong, so stand strong, i will be.
i don't hate fact, i miss u.
but then, the things i miss about u are probably just the memories and the bond we shared 2 years ago.
and actually, love cannot be measured so there is no more or less.
but i know, mine was sincere and true.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

and here is my attempt to goldfish move! fiasco indeed.

p/s: will need to tweek it a bit on the arms position. :D

Monday, November 14, 2011

when u are in a fiasco, do the goldfish move!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

so parents went to jusco today to do some shopping.
mum asked whether i wanna follow and i decided to stay at home instead.
she asked me what i want and i said milo.
and when they got home,
i saw two boxes of snacks in the basket that i will bring to uni tmr.
simple act of love.
thanks mum.
thanks dad.

and itunes shuffled to this song yesterday.
an indonesia song.
and this lady has a great vocal.

agnes monica - matahariku


implemented the share buttons for Blogger
and personally added the FB "like" button for my blog posts.
teeheeeeeeeee... :D
i just realized that my header was the wrong banner.
i must have mixed up my personal blog banner with my card blog one.
i had so much fun doing the little tweeks around my blog.
done easily with the tutorial from Google.
yeah, Google is the answer to the answers!

i have widen the body of my blog so that i can put big BIG pictures.
me like to see BIG pictures.
and centralized my banner since my blog is wider now.
tweeks done enough for now!

just a kiss

Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life..

Friday, November 11, 2011


so ppl are raving around about this date today in FB (since last night, actually).
saying it is a lucky date, lucky day, good for marriage, birth, a good date to start something special a.k.a confession or start of a new relationship...etc...
to me, it is just another usual day.
not that i am saying all these special blablabla are worthless..
it's just me who has nthg to make it memorable or special.
too bad for me eh?
but to those who picked this date and made all the arrangements to make this date a special one, congrats :)
do remember, it is not the date that is special.
it is the effort u put to make this date a special one that is worth remembering.

was listening to this song when i was otw back to ipoh in the train.

    only hope by mandy moore

we used to love this movie so, so much.
we were saying how romantic it was, how heart warming it was..and this song was so nice.
it is still a nice movie to me.
there is just something about it that makes it different from other romantic movies.
maybe because in this movie, it showed how landon changed?
it gives the hope that ppl do change to be better?
even though it may not be long lasting, those miraculous moments do happen in our life.

so have faith.
because in the end, everything will fall in the right place.
and everything will be alright.
after all, i as a human won't take anything else but alright as the ending.

p/s: changed the layout and theme of my blogs again.
i kept everything white this time.
clean and neat.
so now, my photos/pictures are the focus. :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i've been unable to focus recently.
i am beginning to think that it is because i am thinking about too many things at once.
(and worrying)
so i am messed up..
not in peace.
in the end, more mistakes were made.
so, i should ditch the stuffs..
settle down.
and then start again.

buzz away.

Friday, November 4, 2011


mid sem break starts after 12pm tomorrow!
honestly, i can't believe it at all.
it's week 6 and week 7 is next..
seriously, time is like....flying like a F1 car!
i can't catch up with time.urgh.
did a few well...stupid mistakes in studies and all this rush..
i don't know..i feel dreamy now. =.=
i am craving for the bed for days...and i just wanna empty my brain and sleeeeeeeeeep.
and sleep and sleep and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
mid sem break will not be that free.
what with projects haunting us..
so, i am heading down to KL to visit the National Library for the first time!
honestly, i should be excited because there will be books!!!
and after that, hopefully, a Nando's meal and some shopping? teeheeeee.
i have tests coming right after the one week break.pretty scared, no, very scared actually.

anyway, back to some shopping mood!
i am in need to own a maxi dress. (in need is
saw a few pretty ones in Pinterest.

floral prints maxi.must have.

i love this blue maxi a lot!

i hope i can find one to love and to wear.

other than studies and stuffs,
guess what?
Air Asia had a promotion for flights to Tokyo/Osaka and i decided to jump in the wagon!
so yes! i am flying to Osaka September next year (providing everything goes well and i am continually blessed) !
yes, i am a blessed idiot to actually have a chance to go there next year!
i am an almost otaku. i can't deny that already since i have been watching for anime for years.
i will get to see the magnificent temples over there and to finally witness the culture!
i was totally excited but i will have a lot of saving to do and hoping to earn some money too.
but before that.....let's dream a bit. 

so yeah, save money!!!!
and mochi! 
i can't wait to eat mochi, real mochi!!
laugh out loud.

hah.......tired brain.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

blogging failure

i have been hoping to blog within these days...
but every time i open up a new blank post,
i would be caught in other stuffs....
too many stuffs these days.
but i will blog.!
cause one of my wishes was granted last week.
so yeah, maybe i will come back and blog about it,
after my sleep.