Saturday, November 19, 2011

kindle dindle windle

it's (almost) official!
i want a Kindle Touch.
RM500 to read ebooks (*ahem* free).
seriously, books, u are just too expensive.
trust me, i really like a shelf full of books...but u are just too pricey.
and some of u are not using recycled papers.hmph.

as for a tablet, if anyone is interested,
Kindle Fire is pretty good choice.
though the screen is smaller, but the price is half of iPad 2.
Kindle Fire is selling for RM899.
why not Samsung tablet??
duh. Samsung is all pretty commercials and fancy intro video.
Samsung Galaxy S2 is not on par with HTC Desire HD; performance wise.
i repeat, not on par at all.
just because it is thinner and has a big screen too, it doesn't make it better.
sorry to Samsung fans. it's nthg personal. just honest opinions from my hands on experience.

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