Friday, November 4, 2011


mid sem break starts after 12pm tomorrow!
honestly, i can't believe it at all.
it's week 6 and week 7 is next..
seriously, time is like....flying like a F1 car!
i can't catch up with time.urgh.
did a few well...stupid mistakes in studies and all this rush..
i don't know..i feel dreamy now. =.=
i am craving for the bed for days...and i just wanna empty my brain and sleeeeeeeeeep.
and sleep and sleep and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
mid sem break will not be that free.
what with projects haunting us..
so, i am heading down to KL to visit the National Library for the first time!
honestly, i should be excited because there will be books!!!
and after that, hopefully, a Nando's meal and some shopping? teeheeeee.
i have tests coming right after the one week break.pretty scared, no, very scared actually.

anyway, back to some shopping mood!
i am in need to own a maxi dress. (in need is
saw a few pretty ones in Pinterest.

floral prints maxi.must have.

i love this blue maxi a lot!

i hope i can find one to love and to wear.

other than studies and stuffs,
guess what?
Air Asia had a promotion for flights to Tokyo/Osaka and i decided to jump in the wagon!
so yes! i am flying to Osaka September next year (providing everything goes well and i am continually blessed) !
yes, i am a blessed idiot to actually have a chance to go there next year!
i am an almost otaku. i can't deny that already since i have been watching for anime for years.
i will get to see the magnificent temples over there and to finally witness the culture!
i was totally excited but i will have a lot of saving to do and hoping to earn some money too.
but before that.....let's dream a bit. 

so yeah, save money!!!!
and mochi! 
i can't wait to eat mochi, real mochi!!
laugh out loud.

hah.......tired brain.

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