Friday, November 18, 2011

semester is seriously passing by really fast..too fast!
i can't keep up with it!
i don't quite get on why i feel that this semester is passing this fast.
i have projects to complete and a few more Test 1 to strike.
but seriously, i can really sleep these days.
i think the main conflict in me during academic weeks is, Sleep vs Studies.
sleep is my nature!
i can't defy my nature. B)
okay, this is just a normal rant from a student about their peaceful student's life.

so i have finally complete watching Hanasaku Iroha last night.

the first anime series that i wanna complete when i got the little guilty-less free time..heh.
i still have many to complete.
repeat, it is many to complete..not many to begin.
meaning, i left many series halfway done though i have the complete episodes.
it is a nice slice-of-life anime series.
funny enough to make u laugh out loud a bit, and touching enough to make u shed a few tears.
and definitely heart warming enough with the friendship, family bonds, and young romance. :)

before i obediently lift my butt to go for my class,
here's a quote to share.

because now i know,
when i decided to love, i will give it all.
but this is probably back then.
will i do the same again?
hard to say.i have fear in me now.
fear of knowing that sometimes, no matter what u do, things will still fail.
and i will still get hurt.
so u, yes u, better know that the fact i got better now is thanks to my parents and my friends and myself.
i will cast away the fear u placed in me.
u believed i will stand strong, so stand strong, i will be.
i don't hate fact, i miss u.
but then, the things i miss about u are probably just the memories and the bond we shared 2 years ago.
and actually, love cannot be measured so there is no more or less.
but i know, mine was sincere and true.

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