Wednesday, July 18, 2012

hello bloggie.
looks like i have successfully abandoned u for another whole month.
no, nearly 2 months.
plain lazy and there is always something else better to do, that's all.

it's gonna be 2am and i am here awake.
i am gonna regret this tmr morning.

let's write random phrases here..
"i feel like crying sometimes even if there is no particular reason to do so. sadness from previous tragedy, perhaps?"
"they say it doesn't matter, everyone stands an equal chance. yet, they do things that classify us. why? because it's nthg personal, just business. well, then we can do the same!"
"i really forgot how it is to be in relationship. everything feels like a dream, even today seems like a dream."
"when i kept talking the same person over and over again, i get scared."
"i do not know what i do not know. adults and educators, pls note this."
"yeah, i feel pretty empty.sometimes."