Monday, October 24, 2011

cause sometimes, i just want to smile like an idiot.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

because in life, arguments are unavoidable..
because truth is usually harsh and cruel..
because reality is sometimes the worst of all..
and then u feel like u have been thrown to the bottom of the world,
dark, lost, and u feel worthless.

but it's okay..that is life.
no pain, no gain.
no cry, no smile.
so when the worst comes, grab something for a support and face it.
for it will pass like every other pains that have faded into your memories..
i gotta remember, things will pass and all those high-tensions and heart-clenching moments will go..
and then, things will be back to its own pace again.
so, when in the worst times, endure and be strong.

putting aside the philosophy talk,
i am recently listening to (don't know repeat how many times already ah...) a new song by Supercell.
the song is entitled "My Dearest".
it is the opening for the new anime Guilty Crown.
the girl who sang this is a new singer and she is only 15.
the full version is not out yet..i have to be ultra-patient and wait until 23 Nov for it. *sobs*
but the thing that caught my heart for this song is actually the lyrics.
so i will post the video of the opening and the translations here.

so everything that makes me whole
i'll give that to you now
i'm yours...
say, there's a lot of happiness in this world, isn't there?
someday, if we're together
even if someone calls you a liar
and tries to hurt you with cruel words
even if the world does not try to believe in you
and places a crown of thorns upon your head
i can take your side, and yours alone
i know your pain and loneliness
so everything that makes me whole
i'll give that to you now

to me, the song is romantic in its own way.
i like the message in it and while i don't really have anyone to dedicate this to..
so i dedicate this to the ones who need the support.
to have one who will stand by u through all..
and to be the one who is willing to stand with one through all..
i did that and no regrets.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i dedicate this to anna lau

red cardigan~~ :P

the first Coach bag that i actually think it is nice leh... :D

plaid pattern!! teeheeeeeeeee...... :D

pinkish fetish.... ^^

how can we not love her style.

and lalala....cardigan! bluek.

thanks for the hang out today darl.
hugs! always nice to spend time with u.. :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pretty flowy dressy

i came across many lovely dresses/gowns in Pinterest.
wanna post them here! =)

this one is simple and sweet. =) gotta match it with long wavy hair (like the lovely lady) or a nice necklace.

it's the colour!! and that silky material..*drool*

i think this blue will be gorgeous on the fair ones. like, really really gorgeous.

this is more a practical shoulder-off.and pale pink.lovely bride's maid dress.

grey is gorgeous.the ruffles are absolutely drool-able.

lacey white wedding dress.i think this is classy. (way wayyyyyyyyy better than the many *cough* clowny *cough* wedding dresses out there now)

this is just simply beautiful to will be impossible for chinese to wear a black wedding dress/gown but this one is seriously pretty!! 

this......this one is like....absolutely gorgeous!really wanna mark this down and make it my dream wedding dress/gown! (actually, i never really gave a serious thought on wedding dress this is too prettay!) ^^

ending with a dreamy gown. =) this is so Vera Wang. tulle, ruffles, puffy, champagne tone; all princess-like. 

i shall dream of them tonight~~~
so that i can swat away the one i had last night (which was really.....heart wrenching)
happy dress dreaming! =)
the world is funny and sometimes, it is just so small.
the ones that u walked pass today could ended up being your friend years later.
and this kind of random things in life is one of the delightful moments; those that u cannot judge whether they are for good or for worse, but just simply amusing to think about.

so how have i been?
it is already week 4 in uni.
time is like passing really REALLY fast.
and tomorrow, i will be having a test already!
my heart cannot catch up with the time
while my brain, cannot catch up with the lessons.
such are the norms of a student's life eh?

well, strolling away from uni,
i am missing my girl friends already!!
(well, uni life got a bit hectic and i am already looking forward to run away already.) is pretty much...well, being life.
i have loads to catch up, a few matters to think about for my future,
and start being Ms. Questions for my coming baby, final year project.

what else?
hmm....just things that i do not feel like stepping into at the moment.
was looking through an inherited text book and saw a doodling..
a memorable one.
that book is a personal one, no matter what; this much, i have accepted.

hey, to the readers who are probably mostly are my friends,
i am happy now. ^^

Monday, October 17, 2011

i don't feel right with anyone yet.
the time has not come.
because in truth, it's not whether one is the nicest person or worst,
it is about feeling right.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

feeling vain

so i am just like every other girl,
pretty cosmetics are included in the wish list.
i want these two!

am craving for a nice blusher+highlighter+contouring.
and it comes with a brush!
oh, that new lip gloss is really pretty...and quality is freaking nice!
splurge splurge!!
*muka mahu*
but of course...i dare not buy.yet.

i went to the Shiseido counter today to have a look at the new lip gloss.
the promoter was saying that i should take care of my lips while young..
don't simply use any lipstick or lip gloss for it might darken the lips.
then she said my lips still has a nice must take care.
well well, little does she knows, i was wearing this.

yeah! the chubby stick!
bought the nude colour one (the brownish one)
and it gives a nice au naturel colour where it doesn't look like i have something on but my lips are not pale.
i am all about au naturel look~
that's why i buy Korean style of make up.teeheeeeeee~ natural lips is okay but not all the time..sometimes it is just pale..unless i eat something spicy every morning then will be really red.HAHA.
and me who doesn't apply any blush or foundation all the time, i don't want my lips to look pale.
so chubby stick was a good buy!
very fun to colouring my lips.hehe..
okay..enough of vain here..
show u pretty ladies. =D

emma roberts. sweet girl. =)

ellen page. talented lady.

emma watson. i will forever admire her. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

walk walk walk...
keep walking in my life..
loads to see, never ending of stuffs to learn..
brain is loaded these days..but loaded with what, i don't exactly know..
and actually, i think i just need sleeps that are dreamless..let the little brain rest for real.
so dreams...i don't want u to come for at least one night, even if u are a sweet one.

i don't know what is right and wrong..can't think properly these days.
feels like...something is stuck in the pipes of my head.
no, maybe i just don't want to think..
hmm...i hope i get my belgium chocolates...

and i miss my yum cha sessions with the girls..
oh the bed!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

these days, i am really beginning to wonder why do i like chatting with ppl who are basically complicated humans?
sweat Zwei, major sweat at yourself!

to treat one with the care and sincerity from the heart also means, allowing myself to get hurt.
and i am beginning to wonder if it is worth it.
no...i guess i just care for some ppl who might not even give a damn about me.
who just puts up with me out of their little kindness and showing me smileys that might not even be sincere.

but then again, i think i am happier being the silly girl,
hoping that if i truly care for someone, that someone will eventually know and i will earn a true connection.
one tiny little stuff from them and i will be so freaking happy!
and i will forget all those disappointments.
urgh.......seems so silly!
confused with why am i putting up with this circles.

......................................i probably know the answer.

i care about them a lot more than i thought.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


today is one those days where i get a bit of luck in the things i did..
it was raining when i got to jusco so i hoped to park my car indoor..
even after losing the first two chances within the first 5min, i found a space the next minute. =)
with no competition.

grabbed myself a new BB cream that turns out pretty nice and,
chose the right shade of lip balm.
there is something strangely satisfying and exciting when u got yourself the right cosmetics.

heard a short clip of a lovely song on TV but couldn't figure out the title =(
nvm..later went FB and someone posted it.
and i got my song.
can't stop listening to it now..teeheeeeeeee....

and if i am to include the little conversation i had in the very early hours of today, is a bliss then... =)

thank you for all these little happy events.

so i miss a few ppl tonight.. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

and it has begun

if i wrote this post a few days ago,
my first line would have been "i have a freaking annoying and super itchy mosquito bite!".
UTP has poisonous mosquitoes and one bite could cause serious itch.
but since i wrote this today,
i guess i would say, haven't been this sick in awhile and it is miserable.haha!
haven't had fever for awhile and darn it, shivering with the cold is so no fun!
gave me sleepless nights though sleep is what i need the most now..
so in the end, since i have no class tmr, i decided to come home and rest..
seen the doctor, took the med (antibiotic was the key to make everything better) and will sleep a lot..
and really, really sleep properly..

so my final year has begun.
i am not exactly a final year student yet cause by law, i am still a 3rd yr 2nd sem student..
but i am finishing the 3 last sems in a year, so it is my final year in uni.
so in a way, i am a final year student. (complicated betul.)
anyway, i do see how my 10months away from uni changed my perspective a little.
or i should be more specific, internship.
i could definitely understand the purpose of applications better than before,
and also, i have a different perspective about studying now..
which i hope it will turn out good and give better results.
so final year will be final year..gotta enjoy the fact that it is a final year.
and gotta appreciate every little thing, good and bad, of it too.
honestly, i can't expect the whole year to be good eh? that won't be
may the distant ones be closer and may the closer ones stay as close.

phew~ i am sleepy already...
well, being sick is a good excuse to sleep like i don't give a damn. teeheee~
oh yeah, i miss a few ppl.. :)