Saturday, October 8, 2011


today is one those days where i get a bit of luck in the things i did..
it was raining when i got to jusco so i hoped to park my car indoor..
even after losing the first two chances within the first 5min, i found a space the next minute. =)
with no competition.

grabbed myself a new BB cream that turns out pretty nice and,
chose the right shade of lip balm.
there is something strangely satisfying and exciting when u got yourself the right cosmetics.

heard a short clip of a lovely song on TV but couldn't figure out the title =(
nvm..later went FB and someone posted it.
and i got my song.
can't stop listening to it now..teeheeeeeeee....

and if i am to include the little conversation i had in the very early hours of today, is a bliss then... =)

thank you for all these little happy events.

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