Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the world is funny and sometimes, it is just so small.
the ones that u walked pass today could ended up being your friend years later.
and this kind of random things in life is one of the delightful moments; those that u cannot judge whether they are for good or for worse, but just simply amusing to think about.

so how have i been?
it is already week 4 in uni.
time is like passing really REALLY fast.
and tomorrow, i will be having a test already!
my heart cannot catch up with the time
while my brain, cannot catch up with the lessons.
such are the norms of a student's life eh?

well, strolling away from uni,
i am missing my girl friends already!!
(well, uni life got a bit hectic and i am already looking forward to run away already.) is pretty much...well, being life.
i have loads to catch up, a few matters to think about for my future,
and start being Ms. Questions for my coming baby, final year project.

what else?
hmm....just things that i do not feel like stepping into at the moment.
was looking through an inherited text book and saw a doodling..
a memorable one.
that book is a personal one, no matter what; this much, i have accepted.

hey, to the readers who are probably mostly are my friends,
i am happy now. ^^

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