Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pretty flowy dressy

i came across many lovely dresses/gowns in Pinterest.
wanna post them here! =)

this one is simple and sweet. =) gotta match it with long wavy hair (like the lovely lady) or a nice necklace.

it's the colour!! and that silky material..*drool*

i think this blue will be gorgeous on the fair ones. like, really really gorgeous.

this is more a practical shoulder-off.and pale pink.lovely bride's maid dress.

grey is gorgeous.the ruffles are absolutely drool-able.

lacey white wedding dress.i think this is classy. (way wayyyyyyyyy better than the many *cough* clowny *cough* wedding dresses out there now)

this is just simply beautiful to will be impossible for chinese to wear a black wedding dress/gown but this one is seriously pretty!! 

this......this one is like....absolutely gorgeous!really wanna mark this down and make it my dream wedding dress/gown! (actually, i never really gave a serious thought on wedding dress this is too prettay!) ^^

ending with a dreamy gown. =) this is so Vera Wang. tulle, ruffles, puffy, champagne tone; all princess-like. 

i shall dream of them tonight~~~
so that i can swat away the one i had last night (which was really.....heart wrenching)
happy dress dreaming! =)

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