Tuesday, October 4, 2011

and it has begun

if i wrote this post a few days ago,
my first line would have been "i have a freaking annoying and super itchy mosquito bite!".
UTP has poisonous mosquitoes and one bite could cause serious itch.
but since i wrote this today,
i guess i would say, haven't been this sick in awhile and it is miserable.haha!
haven't had fever for awhile and darn it, shivering with the cold is so no fun!
gave me sleepless nights though sleep is what i need the most now..
so in the end, since i have no class tmr, i decided to come home and rest..
seen the doctor, took the med (antibiotic was the key to make everything better) and will sleep a lot..
and really, really sleep properly..

so my final year has begun.
i am not exactly a final year student yet cause by law, i am still a 3rd yr 2nd sem student..
but i am finishing the 3 last sems in a year, so it is my final year in uni.
so in a way, i am a final year student. (complicated betul.)
anyway, i do see how my 10months away from uni changed my perspective a little.
or i should be more specific, internship.
i could definitely understand the purpose of applications better than before,
and also, i have a different perspective about studying now..
which i hope it will turn out good and give better results.
so final year will be final year..gotta enjoy the fact that it is a final year.
and gotta appreciate every little thing, good and bad, of it too.
honestly, i can't expect the whole year to be good eh? that won't be life.lol.
may the distant ones be closer and may the closer ones stay as close.

phew~ i am sleepy already...
well, being sick is a good excuse to sleep like i don't give a damn. teeheee~
oh yeah, i miss a few ppl.. :)


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