Sunday, October 23, 2011

because in life, arguments are unavoidable..
because truth is usually harsh and cruel..
because reality is sometimes the worst of all..
and then u feel like u have been thrown to the bottom of the world,
dark, lost, and u feel worthless.

but it's okay..that is life.
no pain, no gain.
no cry, no smile.
so when the worst comes, grab something for a support and face it.
for it will pass like every other pains that have faded into your memories..
i gotta remember, things will pass and all those high-tensions and heart-clenching moments will go..
and then, things will be back to its own pace again.
so, when in the worst times, endure and be strong.

putting aside the philosophy talk,
i am recently listening to (don't know repeat how many times already ah...) a new song by Supercell.
the song is entitled "My Dearest".
it is the opening for the new anime Guilty Crown.
the girl who sang this is a new singer and she is only 15.
the full version is not out yet..i have to be ultra-patient and wait until 23 Nov for it. *sobs*
but the thing that caught my heart for this song is actually the lyrics.
so i will post the video of the opening and the translations here.

so everything that makes me whole
i'll give that to you now
i'm yours...
say, there's a lot of happiness in this world, isn't there?
someday, if we're together
even if someone calls you a liar
and tries to hurt you with cruel words
even if the world does not try to believe in you
and places a crown of thorns upon your head
i can take your side, and yours alone
i know your pain and loneliness
so everything that makes me whole
i'll give that to you now

to me, the song is romantic in its own way.
i like the message in it and while i don't really have anyone to dedicate this to..
so i dedicate this to the ones who need the support.
to have one who will stand by u through all..
and to be the one who is willing to stand with one through all..
i did that and no regrets.

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