Wednesday, October 12, 2011

these days, i am really beginning to wonder why do i like chatting with ppl who are basically complicated humans?
sweat Zwei, major sweat at yourself!

to treat one with the care and sincerity from the heart also means, allowing myself to get hurt.
and i am beginning to wonder if it is worth it.
no...i guess i just care for some ppl who might not even give a damn about me.
who just puts up with me out of their little kindness and showing me smileys that might not even be sincere.

but then again, i think i am happier being the silly girl,
hoping that if i truly care for someone, that someone will eventually know and i will earn a true connection.
one tiny little stuff from them and i will be so freaking happy!
and i will forget all those disappointments.
urgh.......seems so silly!
confused with why am i putting up with this circles.

......................................i probably know the answer.

i care about them a lot more than i thought.

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