Sunday, October 16, 2011

feeling vain

so i am just like every other girl,
pretty cosmetics are included in the wish list.
i want these two!

am craving for a nice blusher+highlighter+contouring.
and it comes with a brush!
oh, that new lip gloss is really pretty...and quality is freaking nice!
splurge splurge!!
*muka mahu*
but of course...i dare not buy.yet.

i went to the Shiseido counter today to have a look at the new lip gloss.
the promoter was saying that i should take care of my lips while young..
don't simply use any lipstick or lip gloss for it might darken the lips.
then she said my lips still has a nice must take care.
well well, little does she knows, i was wearing this.

yeah! the chubby stick!
bought the nude colour one (the brownish one)
and it gives a nice au naturel colour where it doesn't look like i have something on but my lips are not pale.
i am all about au naturel look~
that's why i buy Korean style of make up.teeheeeeeee~ natural lips is okay but not all the time..sometimes it is just pale..unless i eat something spicy every morning then will be really red.HAHA.
and me who doesn't apply any blush or foundation all the time, i don't want my lips to look pale.
so chubby stick was a good buy!
very fun to colouring my lips.hehe..
okay..enough of vain here..
show u pretty ladies. =D

emma roberts. sweet girl. =)

ellen page. talented lady.

emma watson. i will forever admire her. 



Ames said...

wheee...u got that chubby stick thingy. i have never seen that before! but it is soo cute =) how much isit? and what isit actually? lip balm?

Zwei said...

cute eh! chubby chubby~ teeheeee..
it's like a lip tint + lip balm. the colour is not strong but can build up the colour. so it will keep the lips moisturize. :D one for rm50. >.< but i really like lip tint and being a lip balm as well is a bonus. ;)anyway, it's nice! no scent, no weird taste and cute.hehe.

Ames said...

convenient as well! I hate digging my bodyshop lippy from the small tub. it's not hygenic at all. (with fingers) Definitely will check em out! You bought the one in darker shade? =/
I wonder if needs to be removed using a remover or not.

Zwei said...

exactly! hygiene is very important. yep, i bought brown tone one cause i personally have a lip tint from revlon (discontinued ><) with a brighter colour. sometimes it looks funny with my no make-up face cause my lip line looks bright. doesn't look natural enough. so i learned my lesson and bought the darker shade, nude colour looks natural. i don't use remover for my lips anyway. it is not super strong in its staying power so it is not hard to remove with just tissue. haha. but it doesn't need frequent reapply also. :) i am making it sound like a super lip tint + lip balm. =.=