Friday, November 11, 2011


so ppl are raving around about this date today in FB (since last night, actually).
saying it is a lucky date, lucky day, good for marriage, birth, a good date to start something special a.k.a confession or start of a new relationship...etc...
to me, it is just another usual day.
not that i am saying all these special blablabla are worthless..
it's just me who has nthg to make it memorable or special.
too bad for me eh?
but to those who picked this date and made all the arrangements to make this date a special one, congrats :)
do remember, it is not the date that is special.
it is the effort u put to make this date a special one that is worth remembering.

was listening to this song when i was otw back to ipoh in the train.

    only hope by mandy moore

we used to love this movie so, so much.
we were saying how romantic it was, how heart warming it was..and this song was so nice.
it is still a nice movie to me.
there is just something about it that makes it different from other romantic movies.
maybe because in this movie, it showed how landon changed?
it gives the hope that ppl do change to be better?
even though it may not be long lasting, those miraculous moments do happen in our life.

so have faith.
because in the end, everything will fall in the right place.
and everything will be alright.
after all, i as a human won't take anything else but alright as the ending.

p/s: changed the layout and theme of my blogs again.
i kept everything white this time.
clean and neat.
so now, my photos/pictures are the focus. :)

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