Sunday, November 20, 2011

so after reading many reviews about Kindle Touch, Nook Simple Touch, Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire..
i ended up closing the whole browser.
and decided to stick to my iPod Touch for now.
talk about temporary excitement.
but e-reader, i will get u one day.
because i don't foresee myself giving up on the reading hobby.
instead, i will place more time in it.
gotta love the fact that i am improving my vocab!



Ames said...

Hey.. i sawwww one of those when i was in starbucks the otherday.. and i had to say it was pretty awesome. The contrast of the device makes the words really nice to read. (Btw i peeked at it) =)

Zwei said...

yes! the screen is the key to why these e-readers are special. so, getting kindle fire/nook tablet defeats the purpose. >< so...probably kindle touch..i think.teeheee. =)