Sunday, January 1, 2012

akemashite omedetou!

and the above title means Happy New Year! :)
so last night, my parents decided to go Haagen Dazs for a treat in conjunction with New Year.
we had chocolate fondue.

come to think about it,
i used to wish i can have chocolate fondue back then and Haagen Dazs is known for their fondue.
and haha, i got my wish just before the end of year 2011.
so in a way, that is nice right? heeeee~
it wasn't cheap.. it is Haagen Dazs. we all know the price. lol.
but it is nice for once-awhile-pleasures. banana dipped in chocolate is yummy and strawberries with chocolate is totally awesome!
i still prefer New Zealand Natural ice cream.. ><
why am i talking about ice cream?
lol. i am supposed to talk about New Year.

i have no resolutions..
in fact, i don't even make them..
i just don't have the habit?
but i intend to make 2012 a nice year. :)
for some reason, the fact that i am doing final year really sinks in wasn't like this yesterday.
i feel excited and anxious!
i think new years do make an impact on one way or another.
hmmmm....i should study. teeheeee....

hello 2012. *waves*

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