Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, December 31st

yup, i am stating the obvious. today is the last day of 2011.
ppl are flooding FB with their goodbyes to 2011 and hello to 2012 already.
and it is almost like i am obliged to blog today. lol.

how was 2011 for me?!
hmm....2011 has been kind to me actually.
it has been a better year than the previous one for me.
my internship went well; nthg major good happened but nthg major bad happened as well.
i had what i hoped for in the early 2011; make new friends.
and i have found myself back again! <--- this means a lot to me.
i make a commitment to volunteer work and seriously, there is still a lot to learn for it.
overall, 2011 was a stable, nthg too bad, nthg too good, carefree year. =)
and i am happy with that. =)
i am sure i have hurt certain people along the way, i may be aware of it and i may not.
but either way, i am sorry *bows* for the fact that i made u felt bad, i am sorry.
i am not sure if i have made anyone more joyful along the way though..i have very little confidence in this
but hey, if u know me, and now that i can properly admit that i am me again (meaning, no stupid act, no weird attitude and funny ideas),
i can tell u that i am naturally quite honest (in a way, it means i am straightforward) but at the same time, i hate it when i made someone feels bad.
but i can't avoid hurting people since i am so straightforward (cause it means sometimes i don't give a damn what u are feeling, i will shoot u if all my logical analysis in the brain show that something is wrong with u).
of course, i am not always right! so yeah, feel free to bust my bubbles..
hurts my ego but i don't want to be a fool. *grins*
what i am trying to say is, i hardly wear a mask so yes, u know me as me. not Zwei 1 or Zwei 2.
so, like me, good; dislike me, then too bad..maybe better luck next lifetime? *winks*
i am grateful to those who have been kind to me, so understanding and forgiving to me this year.
i am so grateful to those who can stand up to my cynical and sarcastic words as well! HAHA!!
thank you so much.. =)

while 2011 has been a good year,
2012 will be an awesome one!!
i'll be having my graduation!
2012 is (might be) my last year of studying!!
no, it's not like i am looking forward to working life.
it's just, the fact that i am finishing my higher education life is already a major thing!
it means a new arc of my life will begin no matter what and no matter how.
and then, if i am still blessed by September 2012, i am going to JAPAN!
so freaking awesome~~~~ B)
yes! 2012 will pass by just as fast as 2011 did!
i will be busy, packed and stressed up by studies, money, and my FUTURE plans.
well, i am starting 2012 with a stressed up case; final exams. LOL.
weeeeee~~~` it will be a memorable year with all the ups and downs.

so to all the ones that i love and care..
i hope for the best for you all, not just in 2011 and 2012, but for every coming year!
i hope i can be there when u are facing your darkest moments
and i hope to be there when u are having the best moments in your life too!

thank you 2011~
and thank God for all the blessings You gave me.. i am forever grateful.
bye bye 2011 *waves frantically* teeheeeeeee.....

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