Wednesday, December 7, 2011

so i stop forcing myself to forget. because i don't think i will ever know how to do so. in the end, i just gotta leave it to the time and the brain itself to just stop thinking when the time comes. i will just let the flow of thoughts to come and stop it when it gets too much. and i will keep doing so until the time comes where i have enough of other thoughts to overflow u. i do think i am a pretty sad case and quite useless too.. seeing that i am unable to control and rationalize myself out of this loop. but u left so much for me to filter through.. sigh. seriously, sleep is the best thing ever because i stop thinking about everything and i am able to live in my own perfect world for a bit. sleep is the best. i think i should learn from Keima-kun (from The World God Only Knows) and start looking at 2D guys only. ditch 3D guys. hahahaha! so many pretty 2D guys to feast my eyes at! *major despair* oh well..

on the slightly more serious note..
it seems like we are really drifting apart now.
it's probably for the better.
but this does not mean it is not sad.


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