Friday, December 9, 2011


so i had a "date" with my dear friend, kahyee aka +2 (lol)
we went daorae and then jusco.
i was looking for a parking at the first floor and when i saw an empty one,
guess what, two pretty girls were standing inside with their mum (i think) standing opposite them.
this means, they BOOKED the parking space for someone.
i was like what the h..........sweat face.
then God blessed me as i made a turn and there...a parking waiting for me obediently.
then the booked parking space was filled by the majestic car.
(haha....apa majestic. Honda Insight only.)
and when i got down, the young man got down from his car too.
funny (and quite adorable) thing is, he checked his car and gave a YES + big grin.
given that situation, i can only say he was HAPPY cause his REVERSE PARKING was a success.
what a kid!!!
but apparently, his car was not "in" enough so he reversed a bit more.
i don't know.
i just find it funny and that happy face was so adorable.
then we saw a P sticker on the car....awwwwww....what a kid!! xD
plus he had ppl booking a space for him!(i would do the same for my dad or friends actually.hehe.)
sorry kiddo..i had to laugh at your face today cause i was once like u and well, your grin was too genuine.LOL

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