Sunday, December 11, 2011

i once stumbled upon a tumblr-blog that is full with thank you notes.
the blog had nthg but thank you notes from the writer almost every single day.
he/she would thank for various things, very random and small stuffs.
i really like it.
i would automatically smile when i read through.
too bad i couldn't remember what was the title again and i lost the bookmark record last time..
but then, i figure that being thankful about at least one thing is good for my heart and soul.
i will not able to write a thank you note everyday but let's start the chain. =)

Thank You Mum for sending my watch to the shop for repair although i never asked u to.
u probably already know i will not be able to send it even though i am back for the weekend.
thanks to u, i have my watch ticking again.

Thank You Dad for getting me a seriously expensive sweater. lol.
all the way from new zealand!
i really do like it and i will never need another sweater for a long, long time.

1 comment:

Ames said...

this is inspiring =D
thankyou for sharing what u stumbled upon. Sometimes being thankful keeps both our feet on the ground as we ask/complaint too much these days.