Monday, December 5, 2011


i had a busy weekend!
went to KL for a not successful shopping.
it is really miserable when i tried so many shoes and yet none is right.
but that is the thing with shopping..
there is a right timing and also a little to do with luck.
anyway, not many discounts now..the christmas sale has not begun.
so.....pretty stuffs found but they came with a pretty price too. lol.

besides shopping, snacks is another KL thing.
a new japanese mochi stall is open in The Gardens and mum bought a box for us. =)

they are not cheap but i think they are more worth it, comparing to macarons.
after mochi, we tried the cream puffs =)

mum liked it!
well, cream puffs have always been a thing my mum likes.
and it is not easy to find a nice cream puff.
so this was pretty satisfying. hehe..
i also had Manhattan Fish Market for the first time.
sadly, never had the chance before
i like their rice! =D aroma betul~~~

leaving KL aside, i had a test on the floor for the first time last thursday night.
management problem..
they forgot to prepare the hall for a test.
so the arrangement was more like for a talk.
since there was no time to arrange tables, they arranged the chairs..
and we were at first sitting on the got uncomfortable for many
so almost everyone sat on the floor with the chair as the wasn't a helpful "table" at all.
so, messy test session..and that brings to open discussions everywhere!
the GA couldn't facilitate us that well..
ppl leaving their answers open to check with their friends..
whispering question numbers to check answers...
of course, i did the same!! teeheeeeee....
and i also curi took a few pics (many ppl did)

as u can see...ppl were turning around checking answers...whisper whisper whisper....
test konon.
well...a fun test. =D

as for today, we just celebrated fei zhai's birthday!
(okay, clarification, he is ming hui but i like calling him fei's already a habit. =D)
well, we gave him a set of fish tank and stuffs to let him kick start his little fish aquarium in his hostel room.
and we also bought him two gold fishes to begin with. =)
i am sure he is very happy.

(bullying scene in the lab.laugh out loud.nthg better to do...)
Happy Belated Birthday, fei zhai =)

ooooo....this is becoming a long post!
let me end with a in-the-fitting-room-vain-pic.

(i like this lor.....why are u so darn pricey?? grrr....)

nightz! =)

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