Monday, December 26, 2011

after christmas

so how was your christmas? =)
actually, i don't celebrate christmas.
i am not a christian or anyone close to christian too.
the closest fact i am to christmas is that i have a number of christian friends..
but when u are living in Malaysia, it is hard to not want to join in the fun.
i mean, shopping centers in KL put in so much effort in the christmas decoration and playing christmas songs again and again.
i didn't do much for this christmas..
but parents had a small gathering in our home and we had dinner with family friends.
in the end, christmas was, for me, a chance to meet up with my friends.
u know, like reunion and stuffs like that.
so no, christmas was nthg too special for me.
in fact, CNY mood is stronger!
this time around, CNY is just a month away as i typed this post!
and that is very, very soon.
but then again, CNY will be another of my

so....the realization that comes after christmas is.....
the year is coming to an end.
and then random mumbles will come to my brain..
"what????! end of year? so.....what have i done this year? *dahi berkerut*"
"2012?? oh no...FYP is coming!!! be prepared!"
"i can't believe one year passed just like that....*snaps finger*"
"seriously...what have i the cycle repeats."
and the mumbles go on and on..
but i can say that i have made new friends this year and this was what i wanted when i stepped into year 2011.
so yeah, mission accomplished!
of course, pls don't ask me if those friends are made to stay or only for the time being..
i won't know..
only time will reveal the truth.

anyway, new year is coming.
i don't think i am feeling anything..
what i feel is.......
"yerrr.....still got one more bloody project and bloody mengada assignment..and bloody boring report."
"at least no more tests. yay!"
"oh much to study for finals...*gloomy*"
and the numerous mixed feelings list goes on and on......never ending.

but for the ones i care and love...
hope u ppl will enjoy the remaining of year 2011 and i hope the best for u for the coming 2012. *smiles*
(i shall wish again when it is really new year. =D)
many blessings...


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