Sunday, July 24, 2011

sigh. i wish i can have them.
i wish.

i really like this palette from Chanel.
part of their spring items. i totally love the colours! totally!! (>.<)

this Bobbi Brown palette is really pretty too!!!
everything i need is here! i sigh when i saw's so pretty.

this Clarins blusher is really pretty too! i think the peach colour will be the best. =)
the texture seems to be really smooth and the colours are just so sweet.

they are like big crayons and the colour seems pretty natural on lips.
i will need to find a replacement for my Revlon lip tint since it is discontinued here.
really wanna try one!! but of course..this is a pricey replacement. bububu~~

leather, the naked screen showing the mechanics, bling bling around it..
i want!!! *muka sangat mahu*

the bottle is pretty. teeheee... no i don't want this. i just think the bottle is really pretty. haha!

lastly, a cute picture!!

pout pout pout pout pout!!!!
cause i can't have those things up there!!! pout!

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