Friday, August 19, 2011

Hullo..My abandoned blog.

there were many, MANY times that i clicked on my blog and then the new post but ended not blogging anything.
it is not like i have nothing to blog about.
i guess i am just...lazy? *guilty*
so i hope u don't mind if i just cramp everything in this one post. teeheee....

first of all!
the windshield of my car was hit by a stone and it must have accurately hit a crucial spot of it because it cracked the whole piece of glass within a second.

how very unlucky..but within the unlucky-ness, i was also lucky cause i was not alone.
i had my friend with me.
and together we embark on this epic glass-cracking-flying-shaking journey from somewhere-near-Pusing to Bercham.
the journey should be around 35-40minutes.
so first, we shattered it to make a big hole for me to drive.
honestly, the process was no honeymoon cause we were by the road and we were girls.
i was worried that some random thieves or drunk man will just stop and snatch our bags.
and the sky was grey and the clouds were full with water.
so yet another lucky-ness, there were no thieves or drunk man and the clouds were on our side. phew~~

the big hole!!this was the best we could do..we had to deal with random dropping pieces of glass along the way.
and we laughed whenever one fell down.hahahahha!
oh another thing, actually, taking pictures during such a time made me feel such a weirdo.
it was like "aiseh, cermin sudah pecah wei!and it is gonna freaking rain but u still take pictures. =.="
but this incident was too epic for me that i had to take a few as memories and so that i can put them here in my blog. lol. (gosh...society nowadays...)

and so, we drove slowly back.
we braced through the strong wind, the threatening dark clouds, big lorries passing by (they made such strong wind that it shook the glass.haha.), a little bit of rain, and the highway; with laughter, me wearing a cool pair of shades, and the both us telling each other this was such an epic day.
oh yeah, i forgot to back up the story.
we were actually otw back from my uni as i went there to hand in my final report for my internship.
that's why we were so far away from home..
(urgh, my face is super ugly in the picture.ngeee...)

moving on to next happening!
so i completed the four classes for Tzu Chi and went Penang the other day.
and i am now officially a Tzu Chi Volunteer!
i wear the gray shirt with mummy. =)
(there are some sort of rankings in Tzu Chi but i am so lazy to explain it
anyway..being in Tzu Chi does not straight made me someone very nirvana.
i am still just a human that makes many mistakes through my actions, words, and thoughts.
i am learning to be a better human in order to gain peace within me..
and honestly, doing volunteer work is so much more fun than working.
i'll attach a few pics. =)

awesome souvenirs!!

mummy~ =)

a Buddha potrait made by many, many photos. amazing piece of art!

our logo.

Bercham fella!! (not my photo. =) )

Ipoh lang!! (not my photo as well.=) )

okay! moving on!
Zyin has gone back to US. =( sad.
but i will see her soon, i guess.
and by that time, we will be graduates.
leeann is back though, from Ireland. =)
August is here and September will come soon.
and when it comes, it also means the long sem break of most of my friends will end, including me.
i am going back to books, lecture notes, assignments, tests, and exams.
i can't believe i left uni for so many months.
the internship felt like a dream.. =.=
probably cause i WAS dreaming during internship..
okay...what else do i have to blog about...hmmm.........
that's all for the happenings, i guess.hahaha!
i should go's 1.30am.
nah, Anna, a long blog post to compensate for my long absence.teeheeeee.... =D

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