Saturday, August 27, 2011

i am now listening to Amazing Grace by Il Divo..
i somehow just like their version a lot.. =)
it sounds so peaceful..

in one more month, i will be heading back to UTP and begin my last year as a university student.
so much more to do but i don't feel ready at all.
i sometimes think i seriously need to make some plans for the future but it feels so early now..
not when i still have a final year project in the way.
things just don't feel like the end yet..
stepping into the real adult life is gonna be least to me.

as for now, i am working hard on my cards..
it's tiring but i can really do this for a long time..
and i just thought of some ideas to make for my friends for the coming happenings. =)
so gonna try it out tomorrow..
so or art? laugh out loud.

i have been busy with tzu chi activities too..
being a part time volunteer is really...satisfying.
it's not like i have got myself many, many friends from it but just being there, doing the stuffs makes me feel good.
it's the part where u actually feel that u are doing something in your life.
working and earning money don't make me feel like that.
and recently, no, to be more general, this whole year, i have gotten many chances to struck a new friend again and again.
so i did get what i hoped for after all.
i hope that i will get to know more new friends this year and i did!
that's something to be grateful about! =)
i am glad how certain things took a better turn..i am really grateful for that.
i still feel that my life is lack of something.. (haha..i believe i know what the something is.)
but then again, i am actually doing well and quite a happy girl now.
of course, life can always be better but..for now, it is the comfy times..
and for that, i wanna thank everyone for just being there and for appearing in my life.

it's a cold night..
gonna be a caterpillar for tonight!hehe..
it's the holiday season for Malaysia!
i don't like being in the jam but...the jam means merry and gathering.
i am glad ppl are gathered to celebrate and not to war or suffering.
happy holidays!


Mindy said...

Good luck in your final year Zwei! :D

Zwei said...

Thank u Ming!! :) one year seems so long now! haha..