Tuesday, July 19, 2011

one wrong click.

i made one wrong click in my Google+ account and my photos in my blogs are ALL gone.
while i am re-posting the pictures for my Paperer's Cards,
i decided not to do so for my personal blog.
hence, deleted all 200+ of posts.
i must admit, it wasn't that easy of a decision.
i always thought that i can read back my old posts and see how much i have grown or changed.
but the damage is done, and sometimes, it is better to just let go and start anew.
so yeah, deleted all of them!
the important thing is i am still around and there will be posts still.
forget the history. it's the present i want to blog about! :)



Ames said...

Before i saw your caption..
i'm already like



Zwei said...

HAHAHA! we have the same dictionary in our head. :D