Monday, September 5, 2011

recently, i get to witness a few LDR = long distance relationships among the ppl i know..
i was in a LDR myself but i won't say i know/und much about it..
but i do think distance matters...
making the effort to tell the other one about your daily routine, the issues your are facing, sharing the joy and pain in words, and enduring the feeling of being lonely..
some survived the distance, while some don't..
they probably had to go through a lot of arguments, doubts, crazy effort in making things work..
of course, there is always a saying that states, "if you're meant to be, it will be."

it hurts u know..
to be unable to be there right next to them when they are in pain and feeling so down.
to be unable to be there to lend them a shoulder or a hug when they just want to cry it out..
to feel helpless is not a good feeling at all.
i can understand why some ppl say long distance don't work..
but i can also understand why some ppl say long distance will work..
i, personally, am okay with long distance..though i dare not say what are the effort needed to maintain it..
hmmm....maybe meeting the right person?

but yeah..distance does make things a little more scary..
because u can't see and all u can depend on is a strong trust and faith on the words u hear or read.
what's scarier is..when the strong trust gets trampled on, u just feel broken inside..
okay, not u, i should write it as "i".
since i am basically speaking from my point of view.
yeah..i did get heartbroken but i am okay now.
i leave the pain in the past..the scars are still there and probably fear..but i don't exactly know what fear.
but i am ready to face whatever that comes along..

and to me, distance issues don't just apply on relationships..
it applies on friendships as well..
distance being involved in different societies and meeting different ppl..
we are facing different stories, different events, different issues..
and without, the difference will eventually draw a line in between..
it's not that we don't care about each other, in fact, they might actually be more important than ever..
just..we are no longer walking on the same path..talking about everything..
i know this is part of life and feeling sad about something that comes naturally in life is pretty pointless..
but even so, can't push away the feelings away..
if u are able to grow up together, be it a friend or a partner, appreciate the's so so hard to get that.
of course..meeting new ppl ain't bad..
but as i get older, real bonds are harder to build.
hence, i miss the old things..

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kjo said...

haha somehow i agree with most of the points!