Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i have less than two weeks and i will be back in uni.
after 10 long months away from it..
honestly, it doesn't feel like 10 months.
i have probably develop a love-and-hate feeling for my uni. lol.
last week, i was still dreading to go back.
this week, well, i am beginning to feel like going back is not such a bad thing after all.
i need to get out of my static life and polish my rusty brain.
but first of all, i need to settle my card works..and then take a break from it.
i have even decided to push a pause button on it when my sem started..
yea, i need those free time for other stuffs like reading..and focus on other stuffs.
when tiring is what i am labeling my passion, it means, this is the limit.
i have other things to attend sad that i couldn't read the books i have before sem starts.
i will need to relax for real when i have the free time then.

the stress and worry are getting to me.
i am gonna have more white hair.


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