Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy MaMa's day

Mothers are such magical ppl.
they play one of the biggest roles in our life and being a female myself, i hope i have the chance to be a Mother too someday.
Mothers have such heavy responsibilities and life has mold them to be ppl with a strong will but a caring heart.
we all have our reasons to say "my Mother is the best!" :)
me Mama is a tough lady; seen the world and could say "i've been there before" to many ppl.
and i think she is most blessed to have my Papa as her life partner :)
Mum, i love u everyday in my life.

so i am done with final exams for my second last semester.
and as usual, it feels like lalalalalala when the papers are done.
no trumpets and cheers and drunk elephants running amok to celebrate the end of exams.
though i always imagine i would feel that way when i am done with my last paper; every single semester.
and every single semester, i feel simply nothing about it.
just tired and especially this semester, extremely tired and extremely relieved!
well, relieved for one week and then new issues will welcome themselves next semester.
and that will be my very final semester as an Undergraduate student.
i am nervous about it..because it means it's time to think about future.
it's time to set myself straight, have some goals in life and set a guideline to what path i will take.
AND! friends are coming home too! :)
but one darling friend is leaving as well.. :(

well, gotta pack and go home! *cough cough* *sniff sniff* <------- weak me is gonna be sick.heh.

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