Wednesday, April 4, 2012 i skipped the entire March for blogging.
oh dear...seriously..time is flying real fast. like SERIOUSLY.
i always thought of blogging about something from time to time..
but here i am..skipping the entire March as if it was just a week.
and here April is...
but i can't wait to get this semester done.
i seriously have so many complaints for this semester.
but repeating the same old words is not gonna bring me anywhere.
so let's get this done with!
and hey, it's April!
a special month! :)

my heart feels heavy at the moment.
and i don't know why.
i seriously don't.


Yuan Huang said...

Cheers for April!! Time flies indeed. Do you remember the song Bila April by that Fazley guy during foundation? Sigh... My heart and brain feels heavy too. *hugs*

Ames said...

I finally logged on to my blogger and saw ur post! I thought to myself the exact same thing u wrote. time flies!
I managed to put up one post in March. I'M TOTALLY SLACKING IN TERMS OF BLOGGING.

Zwei said...

Amy: yealor....i actually thought blogging from time to time but the task will be put aside with various reasons and excuses. haha. and suddenly, i have been putting it aside for one whole month, just like that! time flies faster than a F1 car. *puff*